An Ambush in the Forest

by Mitternacht

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This is the new album of Mitternacht, the fourth official full length.
More than nine years have passed since its previous release, but the project was never inactive.
Unlike this one, all previous official albums have a physical CD release, by Furias Records.


released January 5, 2017

All music and lyrics by F. Curwenius.
All instruments and vocals by F. Curwenius.

Cover art "Alone in the woods", by F. Whelk.

On March 20th, 2017 Mitternacht was included in the Dungeon Synth Compilation "Keepers of the Shadow Realm", with a new, unreleased track called "Wardrums of the Ultrabishop".
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Mitternacht Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Track Name: The Black Flags of Empire Earth
Ten centuries ago, they arrived.

In every city of our peaceful planet,
in every place of our quiet life,
their starships vomited infantry,
weaponry, armoured mechs.
We knew they were coming
We resisted.

We fell.
We became slaves.

Ten centuries ago, they arrived.
And the Black Flags of Empire Earth
fluttered victorious, unchallenged.

And the Black Flags of Empire Earth
fluttered victorious, forever.
Track Name: Last Charge of Hannibal
Defeat was foreseen by the witches,
but citizens and mercenaries
would not dare to step backward.
The romans attacked with lancers,
and their cavalry didn't charge.
They started blowing their horns,
cowardly, and our beasts became mad.

They turned against us, their masters,
killing in their madness everything in their way.

The first roman lines reached our citizens,
and forty thousand were lost.

Carthage was defeated.
Track Name: Lament of the Nova
We failed to survive.
Our star has betrayed us.
But its treason was announced to us
with eras of anticipation.
That makes our failing and our shame
dismal, even more despicable.
We departed, anyway,
with no chances of running away
from destruction.
We will struggle to the end,
perhaps a drop of our species’ blood
will be able to reach the stars.
Track Name: Funeral of a King
Whole empires fell
under his sword.
Thousands of warriors
marched and died for him.
A hundred armies
were at his hand.
Peace was kept
along many years.

The people worshipped
the roads where he passed.
He never got old.
He drowned in a river,
a treacherous stream,
trying to save a child
dragged by the water.
He was not his son,
his grandson or his nephew.
But he didn't hesitate,
not even a second.

Tears and gloom covered the land
from coast to coast.
And the peace ended.
Track Name: Through the Silverwood
An infamous landscape,
plagued by werewolves and lamias.
That gloomy forest
was the only way for escaping
a much more horrible threat.
Those who dare to gaze his castle
rarely are seen again, at least alive.
The curse of an eternal, impious life,
hangs on every one
who crosses the roads
of the Silverwood.
Track Name: The Dream of the Pharaoh
He dreamt about the journey.
The Gods themselves showed him the way.
Forty moons up to the Pillars of the Strait.
Then, he and his court, guided by faith
would reach an unknown new land.
A new country just to be taken,
with gold just to be grabbed.

Fertile soil, uncountable slaves.
The Upper and Lower kingdoms
would seem poor and small
in comparison.
The voyage was prepared using
all the kingdom's resources.
But the Pharaoh died
the night before departing.
Track Name: An Ambush in the Forest
They warned him about the Forest.
He didn't listen to them.
He wanted to reach the Pass.
They told him he would be ambushed.
He was stubborn, and he thought
that he could face any kind of enemy.
"Not in that Forest", they told him.

He didn't listen to them.

And he never returned.